Tubular (and hopefully not too terrible) Twos


It felt like not that long ago that I was writing about how strange it was that River was turning 1 and now I’m here talking about how weird it is that he’s turning 2! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

I never realized how quickly (and slowly) time moves until I became a mother. I feel like with a blink of an eye he’s walking and talking and figuring how to drive…well fake drive.

Even though the changes in this year weren’t as huge as his first year there were still some awesome moments of his development that left me in awe. But he’s not the only one learning because in turn of his growth I am also growing and learning.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from my 2nd year as a mom:

Patience can be hard and I feel like this sums it up prettttty well

Patience can be hard and I feel like this sums it up prettttty well

Me letting breastfeeding go

Me letting breastfeeding go

  • Being patient - I feel like I leveled up in having to be patient. River understands everything now so I have to be aware of how to handle his tantrums (and try my hardest not to have one myself…haha)

  • Being more adventurous - since he’s older we can do more activities that might have been “too old” for him last year. I’m excited for this summer to take him to the pool or park to see how he interacts with that world.

  • Learning how to give him space - this one is easier said than done. I like having him be more independent and playing by himself but it’s hard to let go! We are also still breastfeeding and I think we are at a crossroads of slowly stopping. I think this is more difficult for me because it’s been a great experience and such a benefit to him. But I think it’s time to let go! I’ll keep you posted on how hard that will be…not gonna lie I’m scared about how that will all go.

  • Going my own way - I try not to give into the peer pressure of fitting into the box that can be motherhood but it’s tough. When you are seeing and looking up a lot of toddler advice it’s hard not to come across the ones that make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong. I have to remind myself to either step away from that and if I need advice you know where to go: YOURE mom community!

  • A New Level of Love - I know this sounds corny but I so feel like the more I get to know River the more I fall in love with him. His personality keeps forming and growing day by day (and year by year) and I can’t wait to see this love grow and grow.

    • I’ll also have to remind myself of this when he’s going through his “terrible 2s”

  • Nurture YOU! - Don’t forget to do that mamas! It’s easier said than done but I know every time I finally get away for a little bit I feel so good and energized that I can give my full self to River that he deserves.