Parenthood = Superheroes: A Podcast Interview with the Sartorial Geek!

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I had stumbled upon Sartorial Geek through Instagram when looking for cool nerdy clothes and this one popped up. It was perfect! They had so many great options to allow my geek girl flag fly! As I started to follow their social media more I discovered that this company was more than just a clothing company it was also a magazine/blog/podcast too! I was so excited to dive in and learn more about these awesome ladies and support them in any way! So, of course when they had a Kickstarter campaign I was ready! One of the rewards I got was to be interviewed on their podcast. I was super excited to get to talk to Jordan about League of Extraordinary Mamas and to let all the Geek Moms out there that there’s a group out there for you!

Here’s the link to the podcast episode

Also here’s a little more about the co-creators too:

Jordan Ellis and Liz Crowder, college besties turned co-editors of the Sartorial Geek. The Sartorial Geek is a community for the geek in all of us. Our goal is to focus on pop culture, girl power, and unique stories through articles written by cool people, for cool people.

Even re-reading their about page just reiterates why I felt drawn to them. They are building community the same way I’m trying to build community here at LOEM. I want people to know they are not alone and there are others out there like them who are willing to help and support each other!

Thank you ladies and I’m glad I found you!!!!