Here I am 2019! Ready to Keep Mom-ing!


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted and just wanted to let you know that I’m still here!

It seems that time goes so fast and so slow at the same time. It’s weird that I never really looked at time as a passing thing until having this kid. He’s growing up right before my eyes yet some days feel like an eternity.

I just wanted to make sure that all you lovely Mama’s out there know that I am here and want to connect and talk and know how your journey is going. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and evaluate how much you’ve done in the months/years. I had a moment recently where I sorta freaked out that River was going to turn 2 soon. I felt like it was just a few months ago that he turned 1. Where does the time go?

I’m going to try and get back into posting more often and would love to hear your thoughts. I also would love to have other Mama’s write too because we all have different experiences and want to make sure that we are all heard!

We are all doing the best that we can and just know that I, and tons of other Mama’s, are out here ready to support and love you for doing what you can!

Just remember…you made a human with your body…what’s more bad ass than that?

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time