Mom TV Shows: GLOW

Bing GLOW!

Bing GLOW!

I love TV! It's been a pretty formable medium in my life and now with TV shows becoming more "real" and actually looked at as a good form of entertainment I'm showered with several cathartic versions of what I need right now. And that's stories of motherhood.

GLOW (the Glamouious Ladies of Wresting) "is a look at the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organization in 1980s Los Angeles. There are so many great stories about the struggles all these women have gone through. One in particular that really spoke to me was Debbie's story.


Debbie was a soap opera star but since having a baby has been out of work. She begins to struggle wondering what to do with her life after not only having a baby but finding out her husband slept with her best friend (sounds like a soap opera right there). Her struggle with finding herself still as an individual and also a mother is really powerful.

The first episode of the series really got me when they had Debbie working out with her friend and she begins to leak milk through her clothes. It was a really quick yet realistic view into a mothers life and how weird our bodies have gotten through this transformation. It's also a beautiful look into her discovering her body again and the strength that has come from it which she totally uses through out the series fighting for what she wants because even though we are moms we still should get what we are worth! 

There are just so many small moments in the show that gets me and gives people a small window into life as a new mom. Moments like her laying on the floor by her kids crib or at the end of season 2 (MINI SPOILER) when they are leaving for Vegas that she has trouble leaving her baby. She's holding him crying and saying how she wasn't prepared to be apart from him so soon. It really got me. I'm actually taking a trip soon with out River and totally felt how she was feeling. It's such a real moment for SO many moms when they decide to go back to their lives or careers. That we sacrifice our time with babies to do these things to make us feel like ourselves again, which we should do but no one says it's easy.  


They even use this type of motherhood guilt and stereotyping in their wresting show when Debbie's character "Liberty Bell" has her daughter kidnapped because nothing can be scarier than a mother who doesn't have their child. Perfect way to really showcase the ridiculous feelings that we all have as moms. BRAVO!

If you haven't yet started GLOW! I totally recommend it not just for this interesting perspective into motherhood but also into other women figuring out how to discover their strengths in more ways the one.