The Hardships of Motherhood


Last night I couldn't get to sleep. Even though I couldn't get some much needed "Zzz's" there's something strangely nice and peaceful about being the only one awake and just having some "alone" time. Though, as I lay there my mind started to race with questions, ideas, and concerns about being a parent and protecting this other life. They never said it was easy but I totally felt the hardship of motherhood last night.

Here are my unedited ramblings that I hope make sense:

Being a mom is hard. I know no one said it was easy it man does it really take the cake. I feel like I’m constantly trying to get ahead of my projects and work. Even with things I love to do like write sketches or run or even write these articles always gets pushed to the back burner. Or even if I do have time I can focus or just want to stare off into space and revel in the quiet. I know that it might not be like this for all mamas but sometimes I just feel so tired and worn down. I don’t know if it’s just because you are constantly on watch of making sure your baby doesn’t swallow something they shouldn’t or just lack of sleep but it’s there. This exhaustion. 

I don’t even work full time and can imagine that other kind of exhaustion too.

All mamas just have it hard and I just want everyone to know is that I got your backs no matter what, through the poop and the stray Cheerios I’m here to Cheer you on. I may not be able to post as much as I want on this blog or if anyone reads this but hope that it at least brings some of you hope that we aren’t in this alone. We have each other. Also note that I’m writing this from bed as everyone is asleep at midnight because all these thoughts and worries are keeping me up. Thanks mom anxiety! Nonetheless we will stick together through the thick and the thin knowing we will lift each other up. 




Stacie Sells