Mom Hack: Mom & Son Clothing

One of the great pleasures of being a mother is dressing up your child in whatever they want. Well, that is until they have an opinion of their own and can put a shirt over their head by themselves. But as of right now I weld the power of being able to put River in any clothes I see fit.

Since becoming a mom I've become targeted with ads on buying matching clothes for your baby, I absolutely love the idea of matching with your baby and being twins! There's something so hilarious and amazing about that and I was excited to do it. Though there was one problem. I had a son. Sure they have tons of matching mother/daughter and father/son outfits but not a whole lot of mother/son and father/daughter stuff. They just assume that we don't want to wear these gendered designs but THEY ARE WRONG! Just because we might have different anatomy doesn't' mean I don't want to rock a sweet superhero shirt with my son or have him look super sweet in some floral sparkle print. I decided I was going to find a way to battle this gendered nature that clothes tend to us to put in and find some mother/son matching clothes hacks.

So, far I've successfully accomplished this three times and hoping to do it more! 

First was with Baby Cats of California


My dear friend Bridget got this wonderful sweat shirt for River when he was first born. Who wouldn't love a shirt with a cat and plants? The best thing about this was they made adult sizes too so of course I had to go ahead and get one for myself. This was our first venture into matching and I will have to say, was such a blast for me that I had to do it again!

It took a while until I tried to find matching graphics again and it was winter so we were all bundled up anyways. 

The next matching outfit came from Target:


Since River is a very warm baby I was on the hunt for some tank tops for him though wasn't impressed with the designs in the boys section. So, I decided to take a look in the girls instead and found some cute designs. I was excited to not only find cute animals but also some glimmer to it too. I was proud to find him an awesome tank top and thought why not just go take a quick look in the girls/teens section too because sometimes they have some fun designs and low and behold there was the exact same graphic on a different shirt. Luckily, my boobs aren't too big and I can fit into a girls XL and we had another outfit!

We have another round of Target matching shirts but this time his tank top was actually from the boys section, though mind was still from the girls section


Now every time I go to Target I look for matching graphics so we can match more!

I know that we all have different styles and body sizes so this hack might not work but I did start to notice that even when I don't consciously think about it I end up matching with River in some way or another like with patterns or colors. 


So, there are defiantly other ways you can find ways to match with your son or your daughter that aren't just the same graphic or design. You can make it easy like just having matching stripes or a just plain blue shirts. There's more possibilities out there then we think and can make matching happen!

I would love to see how you match with you kid and ALL MATCHES are welcomed! (mom/daughter, mom/son, father/son, father/daughter)!