Bad Ass Mama's: Comedian Edition

Hard Knock Wife Netflix Speicla May 13th, 2018

Motherhood can be super isolating. You can feel that you are the only one experiencing all the hardships that come with motherhood but low and behold: You are not alone! 

One great resource I use a lot to keep my spirits up on bad days is social media. Since you are typically trapped a lot trying to put the baby to sleep or feeding them you have some time on your hands and thank god for cellphones (how did people do it before?!?!). I found A LOT of famous funny ladies out there who have all been through, or going through the experience of motherhood and all the messed up shit that comes with it (figuratively and literally).

Here are some of my favorites:

Chelsea Pereti - 

She keeps it real with her changing body and celebrating that she's carrying a human in there. Also the real struggle of needing to pump while you are pretending to do those things you used to do, like enjoy an awards show uninterrupted.


Kristin Bell -

She created a video series called Momsplaining. I don't feel like I need to say anything more expect WATCH THIS PLEASE!

Mindy Kaling - 

Keeping the realness of a working mama and keeping that baby fed!


Ali Wong - 

And of course my girl Ali Wong. Mad props to her doing 2 different comedy specials WHILE PREGNANT! It just shows you that even though we are bad ass mo fos making a baby we can still get shit done and do our thing! We are doing it and taking it day by day and like she said "we've suffered enough".

That's why laughing at ourselves and the ridiculousness of motherhood is good. Don't forget that you aren't in this by yourself. There are a slew of mama's out there that will help support you through all the hard stuff and the good! I feel very lucky to be surrounded by great mom's in my town and also the hilarious ladies that are getting the realness of motherhood out there in the open!

Also check out: 

Felcia DayMelissa Fumero, Kristin Schall