100 Days of Sleep


So, the 100 Day Project just began and I was trying to rack my brain of something to do because I just felt the need to participate. I was thinking of doing something creative like 100 Days of drawings or pictures or 100 Days of writing but had to really look at my life now and realize that it's still in a flux of how I spend my time. Whether it be hanging out with River or writing sketches I needed something a little more low maintenance and all in all fun. So, I decided to do 100 Days of Sleep.

Recently we've been transitioning River out of our bed to his crib. Well, he actually, sorta, told us that he was ready for his crib when he didn't fall asleep in our bed anymore (babies are weird). Since the transition of sleeping in his crib I've been really nervous that it was only a phase and decided to take pictures whenever it happened. Granted he hasn't slept through the night in his crib I'm still counting it as a win because we got to start off somewhere right!?! Baby steps! 


This 100 Days of Sleep project will keep me motivated to not only keep track of River's sleep but also to have fun with it because this task can be a little daunting and tough at times. This project will give me some creative outlets too since I can draw on the pictures and just have fun with it. 

Being a mom is hard enough, so I might as well have some fun and make sleep something that we both don't dread. Here's to the 100 Days Project and 100 Days of Sleep! 

Hope you'll join us on this journey on Instagram! And hopefully I might even get some sleep too!