The Ode to a Baby Who Never Sleeps


Why don’t you sleep?

It’s a beautiful thing

You rest your body 

And mamas heart will sing 


You’re constantly growing

Teeth hair and nails

So rest your eyes 

So mama doesn’t feel like she fails



There’s so much around you

A world that is a new

Sights colors and sounds 

But mamas feeling blue 


We all need our rest

A break from each other 

Maybe one day I’ll get ya worn out

With a sister or brother


But let’s be real

Right now that ain’t a thing 

Because I need some sleep

Before another offspring


So please I beg you

Shut your eye tight 

I don’t want to have

Another mama baby fight 



One day you’ll understand 

How great it is to sleep

But until then 

I guess I won’t say (bleep)


I’ll just stay awake

And drink all the caffeine 

And remind myself 

I’m a mama queen 

Stacie Sells