How to Not Go Crazy When Winter is Almost Over

Becoming a mom gives you accesses to one of the most exclusive clubs EVER. The I just pushed/got removed/adopted a human child that you've successfully not killed club!


Even though there are many of us out there it still can feel really lonely and isolating. It's especially hard in the midwest during winter where you feel trapped because of the weather or just bummed out because of the grey. How can you combat that and find some way to treat yourself to some simple pleasures? Here's some tips and tricks I've found to make it a little easier.

  • Take Mini Trips - I know sometimes it's a slog to actually get your butt out there but you'll be happy you did. Don't make it too complicated either. Maybe just go to Target or get a coffee and a cookie just so you and your little sidekick can see other faces.
  • Find indoor activities - maybe try a museum or library that offers kids activities. We go to a Monday Baby Lap time where I've met so many great parents and babies! It's great, too, because after the stories they have baby play time where they are free to drool all over toys while the parents can talk to other grownups for a second.
  • Play Cafes - these are great! We luckily have one close to our place called Firefly Cafe. It's basically a place where kids can go and run around and play for a few hours while mom gets her much needed caffeine kick. Firefly is great on those grey days and free for kids under 12 months and then $5 after that. 
  • Mom Hangs - I know finding other moms is like dating again. Trying to not only make sure our babies click but also you click. It's fun and really helpful when you just need to get out of the house. Recently I've set up every Tuesday to get together with a friend and her son and really nice to have something set up weekly to look forward to. 
  • Create Fun Spaces - so say you're trapped in the house. Why not make fun different spaces around the house? Maybe build a fort!? Just do something that could not only be fun for your kid but also for you too so you both don't go insane.
  • The Cold Doesn't Bother Me Anyway - Just go outside. Bundle that little human as much as possible and brave the cold. Sometimes it's not that bad out as we think and there are babies in Canada that go outside, so it's can't be that bad right? 

We are nearing the end of winter and (hopefully) spring is just around the corner. Just know whenever you're feeling that mommy isolation know that you are not alone and another mom who feels the same as you is just a phone call/text away!