I'm Not Crying: Steven Universe "Baby Steven" Episode


One thing I've noticed about becoming a mother is that I've become WAY more emotional! What the heck? I know that my hormones and all that junk got shifted around and added to but I never thought I would be such a cry baby! Even though it seems like it should be embarrassing, I've actually enjoyed being in touch more with them. It's a whole new world of emotions that I never knew existed and something beautiful that, I feel, moms understand (and dads too) that once you push this little human into existence, you love in a whole other way. A much deeper love that is indescribable until it's happening. 

Anyways, I decided to unpack these moments when they happen like when I'm watching tv or listening to a song just so I can understand why I'm feeling this way and share it with others because why the hell not.

This post is about an episode of the show Steven Universe.  This show was really special to me during my pregnancy because Steven's mom, who's a crystal gem, gave her body up to have him in the same way how moms give their bodies up to have their babies. Though, this isn't about his mom. This is about his dad and having to raise a baby on his on and the song he sings called "I Could Never Be Ready". It's a beautiful and quick illustration about how scary it is to become a parents and how even with all the manuals and books you can never fully be ready. But that's ok. We figure it out and find support that we need just like Greg Universe finding the Gems to help raise Steven. Ugh. What a good show! 


Stacie Sells