How to "Power Up"

Being a mom is tiring. We are constantly on with our sidekicks and never fully feel like we get a break. That's a problem!

Just like all the great Superheroes, we need a break every once in a while to recharge. Superman had Fortress of Solitude to get away from it all. Batman had the Batcave to probably binge watch his favorite shows. What do you have?

No matter what it is you need and deserve it! I know this is obvious but if you don't take the time for yourself it'll start to show with time. You'll become agitated and generally grumpy and who has time for that? I know this is easier said then done but you need to treat yourself to whatever makes you happy! It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just jot down 10 things right now that you like to do and find a way to do it during the day.

Here are some of my "power ups" to give you some inspiration:

  • CHOCOLATE - I know this seems like a clique but who cares! I love chocolate and have a little drawer that I use when I'm a little stressed out to give myself a little treat to remind myself that it's not that bad because there's always chocolate.
  • Wine in a box - Since I didn't drink while pregnant my tolerance is WAY down so I don't drink wine like I used to and if I open up a bottle now it usually goes bad. That's why having a box of wine handy is great because you will always have it around for those tough days/nights of dealing with an ever growing baby. 
  • Silly TV Shows - Yes, I love TV as much as the next person but sometimes I need something to not think about. Sure, Black Mirror is amazing but I really don't need to watch an episode dealing with an overprotective parent right now. Right now I need some popcorn like Riverdale and Queer Eye (though be warned that QE will make you cry!)
  • Showering - One thing I took for granted when I was not pregnant was the magic of showers! Showers are a special place for me now. Not only do I get a moment to myself but I also can treat my body to some much needed relaxation of super hot water. (Also if you have a bathtub TUB. IT. UP!)
  • Take a Class - Whether it's a fitness class or an art class take something that gets you excited about and also gets you out of the house! This will also feed into some social time and to use a different part of your brain that isn't all about making sure the baby is alive.
  • Hanging with Friends - This is probably the most important one of all! I know for me I really recharge with seeing other people. I love my friends and hanging out and joking around and with a baby that time has decreased (and that's ok). It's important to take time out of your baby lifestyle and make time for them because they are still an important part of your life and, sure, it might take a few times to figure out how to navigate hanging out with them but you'll figure it out if it's really important to you!
  • NAP! - If you get a chance just do it! I know people always talk about sleep when the baby sleeps and if you're feeling up to it. WHY THE HELL NOT! Naps are great and if you're like me you need all the ZZZs you can get! 

Take this all in stride and know that there's no wrong way to "power up" and all in all know that YOU GOT THIS! You're doing a great job raising a tiny, amazing human! Now go pour yourself some wine! 

Stacie Sells