Down with the sickness


Last week was a whole new level of motherhood. Being sick with a baby is probably up there as one of the worst things EVER. I don't know how people can do it (well I guess I can since I did do it.)

It all started last Monday when we woke up to an adorable smiling baby (who, yes, still sleeps in our bed) giving us all the smiles. Moments like those is what makes you excited about being a parent. That quickly went away when we heard a loud rumbling in his stomach and that's when it happen. PUKE! It was like in The Exorcist and just shot out and got all over us and the bed. Luckily it was just liquid and no chunks but still it's really gross to get puked on. And that was only the beginning. 

The next day was when it started. It was when both my partner and I started to feel cold and nauseous. I felt like I was back in the first trimester of pregnancy having a continuous stomach ache. Later that night both of us had to take a trip to the bathroom to vomit and ended up quarantining ourselves to the living room to try and contain the sickness from the baby. That didn't last too long because when I went up for his early morning feeding the vomit happened again. Cool! 


The next few days were rough. River ended up healing quickly like the little Wolverine he is as Kevin and I slowly got better. We ended up having to close off the front room to allow River to play and move around as we laid on the couch and watched the Winter Olympics while eating crackers and plan toast. Usually we would have backup to help but both of our parents were out of town so we had to figure out what to do ourselves. I felt lucky that we had each other to tag team entertaining River as the other would either sleep of puke. It was a feat of a strength to try and maneuver this new parent being sick thing and we were lucky to have some great friends to help who dropped off supplies of Gatorade  and crackers for our battle. 

Even though it was a horrible time, I do feel proud that we got through it together and really glad that River only got a little case of it, though next time I would prefer if he puked on someone else.

Stacie Sells