A Long Strange Trip It's Been


Travel used to be so easy. The distant memory of reading a book on a flight or just sleeping because you could. That's all gone. It went out the window once we had a baby and traveling was so much more of an event that will only get more challenging. 

We recently went on a trip out to California with our 9 month old. We had prepared ourselves as much as possible for this trek because it was going to be his first time on a plane. I asked all my mom friends who've flown before the tips and tricks on how to make the flight as painless as possible like breastfeeding him when you take off and land and bringing little snacks and stacking cups. I felt pretty ready and kept telling myself that the worst thing that could happen was River would cry a little bit on the plane. Well, in hindsight I wish it was just that.

We were set to leave Columbus International Airport at 5pm on a Monday. No problem right? Well, it being Ohio there was a change in weather and it snowed. But you're in Ohio and you get snow all the time so that shouldn't be a problem. Right, it shouldn't be one but it sure was that day. We were set to depart to Denver, CO and the flight was on time and we all boarded ready to go and hoping to beat the worst of the snow that was coming. We sit on the tarmac waiting to take off. I hear the pilot come on and say "we will be taking off in just a few more minutes" so I whip my boob out to start feeding River because I'm really worried about his ears being able to pop. I feed and River finishes and we still haven't taken off. We look around and people are starting to get restless and not to mention there are three other babies who are on the plane that are getting restless too. River on the other hand is ready to part and is jumping around and wanting to get down. The pilot comes back on and tells us there's a technical glitch and that we are headed back to the terminal. Everyone sighs but I think "well, I would rather them be safe then take any chances" and calm myself as we make our way back. When we are back at the terminal we wait to either get off the plane or get an update on what's going on. It's already been more than an hour and our connecting flight in Denver was only 30 minutes so Kevin is on the phone trying to change our flight. Kevin is placed on wait.  I feed River again as the other babies cry and whine as the pilot comes back on and tells us that they can't get the bridge door to the plane because it's stuck on top of ice. So, we are basically trapped on the plane. Cool! A few more hours go by and Kevin rebooks our flight for the next day after being on the phone for more than an hour. The airport finally remembers that they have manual metal stairs they can use to lets us out of the plane finally and we are free! You think that would be the end of this nightmare...but it's not!


As we depart off the plane we talk about getting our bags and they tell us that they will be down on carousel two. River and I go down to collect the bags as Kevin goes to get the car. We go down and wait. There's a whole slew of people from another flight who's been waiting for their bags for an hour from another flight from Washington which doesn't insight faith that our bags will be there. We wait for about an hour and nothing. Finally I realize that we are just going to be back at the airport tomorrow so if they come in I technically could just go and get them from baggage claim the next day. The woman I talked to said that would be fine but I realize that one of those bags is River's carseat. She informed me that they have loner carseats to use, which I wish I knew about earlier because we would had left a long time ago. We get the carseat in as River cries and freaks out because we are all done with being at the airport. As we drive home we get another fun updates. The flight we booked for the next day was cancelled and they rerouted us through Newark, NJ where we would have had a 5 hour layover and then a 6 hour flight. At that moment we were just wanting to give up and not even go anymore, well, that's at least how I felt. We sorta just were going to leave it at that until Kevin found a flight out of Cincinnati that left in the afternoon the next day. Kevin called to change it and spoke to Glenda (the Good Witch) who magically changed our flight, gave us premium seats, and even figuring out a way to not have anyone else in the row so we had an extra seat. It was nothing crazy but it meant so much to us with everything we had been through.

Everything else with the flight the next day was great. The trip down to Cincinnati was fine with my mom being the superhero and dropping us off at the airport. The flight attendant was in love with River and even snuck him some snacks that he couldn't really eat, though I helped him out. Even on our way back our flights weren't too bad. I guess we had to start off on the worst possible scenario to appreciate the things that do work out. River was also a champ even though he was a little squirmy and cried a little, he still did great for his first flight. 

Hopefully our next trip won't be this eventful but even if it is I know we can at least handle it.

Stacie Sells